This slide show contains images of children who have passed away in 2014. They are images of great sadness, love, tenderness, and raw emotions. Families of the deceased children in this video have given Fiona's Hope permission to use these images for this purpose only. Please respect their wishes..

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Fiona's Hope Memorials

Sadly, there are times when one of our Fiona's Hope families loses their child.  After Fiona passed away, I received beautiful wind chimes a memorial gift that continues to bring me immense comfort and I feel close to her when I hear it.  I knew these gifts were something that every bereaved family needed.  Therefore, we started sending these personalized wind chimes to our families after their child's passing.

A Personal Creations Exclusive! In their quiet moments on the porch or deck, they’ll enjoy exceptionally rich notes played by this dazzling wind chime. Each of the 5 powder-coated, anodized aluminum tubes under the metal dome is printed with a meaningful sentiment. We personalize the sail with “In Loving Memory of” and any 2 lines, up to 20 characters per line. To change the tone of the chimes, just move the adjustable striker up or down the center cord. 44"L overall. Item cannot be gift boxed.Sentiments include:

They remind us of people and things we hold dear.
They bring smiles, laughter and sometimes tears.
No matter what others may do or say, nothing will ever

take these memories away.
Memories are more than just a link to the past sometimes

they’re all we have that will last.

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