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Sponsor a Fiona's Hope Tote

Fiona's Hope founder, Stephanie Palewicz, was invited to appear on a local TV show, Twin Cities Live, to tell Fiona's Totes story and demonstrate was goes into the creation of a typical Fiona's Hope Tote.  Click on the image to the left to watch a video of her interview. 

Fiona's Hope Totes

It's a cozy blanket when you try to catch a nap on an uncomfortable hospital chair or couch and real Kleenix to use when you can't stop those tears from falling. It's snacks when you can't leave the room to get dinner; it's candy when you just need a comforting treat.

It's a little reminder that you are not alone in this world, that there are people out there that care about you, that are pulling for you, and praying for you. Their purpose is to send a message, that once you choose HOPE anything is possible.

Fiona's Hope Totes are just a little way to help with some of those things you find yourself needing  when you are spending longs days or nights , or both, in the hospital with your child. It's a quality hospital bag to haul things back and forth between the hospital and home and back.  It's basics for those unexpected overnight stays. It's something to occupy your mind when you feel like you cannot take another minute there.

For detailed information on how to sponsor a Fiona's Hope Tote please see our DONATE page