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Fiona Grace's Story.

Fiona Grace Palewicz

Fiona's Hope originally started as Fiona's Hope Totes early 2014 as a way to pay forward the kindness and generosity that was shown to me and my family when our daughter was hospitalized following her birth. Our namesake, Fiona, is my tough little cookie and the inspiration for staring the project.

Fiona was born October 20, 2012 and became seriously ill at just 36 hours old, having her first emergency bowel surgery at just 3 days old due to necrotizing enterocolitis. That was just the beginning of our roller coaster journey, Five abdominal surgeries, one open heart surgery, and 278 days later, we were finally able to bring our baby home.

During our nine month hospital stay we experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. There were nights we couldn't leave the hospital because she was so sick and days we feared would be our last with her. 

There are no words that do justice to the way a parent feels as they helplessly watch their child fight for life. We understand your pain, your sadness, your fear . . . we also understand how important it is to never give up hope and hope is what we aim to reinforce with our tote bag care packages.

Fiona Grace Palewicz passed away unexpectedly on June 13, 2014 due to complications of pulmonary hypertension post her second open heart surgery, but her death is not the end of her story. Throughout her life Fiona inspired many and spread a message of hope, perseverance, and the belief in miracles. By all odds Fiona should not have lived past the first few days of life, but instead she fought and graced our lives for 19 amazing months.

Fiona taught us to never give up hope and that every second of life is a miracle.